Located on the Andalusian coast of Torremolinos, this hotel has a professional audio system for its guests to enjoy quality sound in all areas.

Tourists staying at the SMY Costa del Sol, on the beach of Los Alamos of this hotel enjoy high quality sound systems and lighting thanks to the installation of a new audio system, composed of products of Work Pro, with which they have wanted to reflect the philosophy of quality of this installation, both in the rooms and bathrooms and in the common areas, lobby, restaurant and terrace.

The project has been the responsibility of the audiovisual installer Integral Services M3, que especificó una gran selección de altavoces, amplificadores, unidades de control y multiplayers Work Pro, a brand that distributes in the Spanish market Equipson, with which he had already worked for the quality and performance of his products.

As José María Montero, General Manager of Integral Services M3 explains: "It has been a great installation with Work Pro systems that involved ninety IC 6 Pro ceiling speakers, installed in all common areas. On the terrace was opted for a line array System SL 210 with a subwoofer SL 218 SA, which offers the power and intelligibility that the hotel wanted".

The aim of this selection "was to ensure excellent sound quality and aesthetics by installing well-designed speakers that were in line with the hotel's décor," he stresses.

Servicios Integrales M3 also installed a Mark Mix U24 digital mixer and a transmission system consisting of Equipson's BlueLine Digital series products, including BLS2 SD MKII stereo AoIP transmitters and AoIP BLR 2 Lite MKII stereo receivers.

Montero points out that for the success of this project they had to solve some challenges: "along with the lack of quality and the lack of intelligibility, the other key problem that we had to solve was that of poor control. Equipson's BlueLine products were the perfect solution as they are easy to install. In addition, because they are based on transmission using Ethernet, they make it much easier to control the output and volume of each speaker to play different audio sources in different areas."

Another requirement that was requested from Servicios Integrales M3 is to specify a system that would allow the hotel to control the lighting of its live shows and events on the terrace. "This had to work remotely and also have a time programmer for general architectural lighting," Montero says.

The solution chosen to achieve this was also Work Pro, with the LIGHTShark LS-Core lighting console, based on DMX, which has custom scene buttons that can be activated from any smart device through a web browser.

El sistema también incorpora un programador interno para que miles de escenas puedan activarse automáticamente a la hora, fecha, etc. deseada. Capaz de controlar hasta ocho universos DMX, LS-Cores es una solución idónea para instaladores e integradores de sistemas AV porque es plug and play, muy fácil de usar y no requiere un software especial (tan solo un navegador web permite un control completo de la consola).

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By • 3 Sep, 2019
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Control