Eight audio WFX 10 CX projector units provide the ideal sound quality for pelota fans don't lose detail.

Equipson Work Pro Fronton Usurbil Xeaga Soinua

Good sound quality, with a speaker design that seamlessly integrate into the sports arena of Basque pelota is the result of the audio project in the pediment of Usurbil (Guipúzcoa) by the company Xeaga Soinua, in charge of the installer Xabier Erauskin, responsible for the installation of the brand of professional audio systems Work Pro, the Spanish manufacturer's Equipson.

In particular, for this project have been installed eight units of WFS 10 CX, a projector audio Worl Pro designed for applications in exterior (with IP65 protection), which incorporates a 10 inch coaxial transducer and a compression driver 1 "which provides directivity of 90 × 90 degrees in almost all the band, providing the design work to the installer to create a suitable audio dispersion.

Equipson Work Pro Fronton Usurbil Xeaga Soinua

Installation by Xeaga Soinua has allowed all spaces, and especially the followers of the Basque pelota, to have complete coverage of sound. For this purpose four projectors of this model have been located in the bleachers; two others in the area of rural sport and other two in the back.

To complete this equipment, Xabier Erauskin selected amplifier multizone PA 4100, also Work Pro, which features four outputs independent 250W and supports both loads in low and in high impedance.

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By • 2 Apr, 2018
• Section: Audio, Study cases