Kara II incorporates Panflex and transforms to suit any design, offering SPL distribution with directivity of 70° or 110° symmetrical and 90° asymmetric, directed left or right.

L Acoustics Kara II

For three decades, L-Acoustics has developed audio solutions that allow professionals and artists to elevate the audience experience. Since it was launched on the market the Kara line source has been the star of countless live performances and permanent installations.

L Acoustics Kara IInow, has been updated and includes Panflex, providing four-in-one directivity: a box easily covers any audience geometry. Kara II transforms to fit any design, offering consistent coverage and SPL distribution with precise focus on four different directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical and 90° asymmetric, directed left or right. In your 70° configuration, Includes 2 dB more than 110°.

"Kara has been a bestseller given her small and lightweight form factor and her strong and consistent SPL, features that make it the perfect tool for a lot of events or permanent installations. When we present Panflex to the industry, our customers told us that this was the only thing kara was missing. Hear, and the new Kara II brings our mid-format line matrix into a new era of additional directivity and improved polar stability", explains Florent Bernard, Executive Director of Application Design at L-Acoustics.

Kara II is a powerful enclosure, that meets the needs of any geometry and audience transformation to fit the design, offering uniform coverage and SPL distribution with laser focus.


  • Active WST box of 2 Way.
  • Bandwidth (-10 Db): 55 hz – 20 khz.
  • Maximum SPL: 142 Db.
  • Coverage angle: 70Symmetrical °/110° or 90° asymmetric (35°/55°).
  • weight: 26 Kilos.

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