Yamaha hybrid training room teachers

The initiative Yamaha Fit for Hybrid Teaching offers solutions, audio-based, to adapt classrooms to hybrid teaching.

Under the initiative Fit for Hybrid Teaching, Yamaha shows how to make classrooms adapt to hybrid teaching easily and cost-effectively, and make classes lively and interactive. And for this it focuses, chiefly, in sound quality, because, as they explain from the company "without a good audio it is very difficult to communicate and that the public concentrates".

Last year, many schools and education sectors introduced hybrid education to meet the new demands of the education sector. A model that will become increasingly important as a complement to face-to-face teaching. To respond to these new challenges Yamaha has launched the initiative Fit for Hybrid Teaching.

The aim of this initiative is to show how to equip classrooms for hybrid teaching in a simple and cost-effective way, ensuring a vivid and interactive learning experience. For Yamaha, the most important thing is the quality of the sound and the intelligibility of the voice, since they are the basis of all communication, knowledge transfer and focused learning.

Yamaha hybrid classroom training

For a conventional classroom to adapt to the new hybrid teaching, Yamaha is committed to a simple configuration that has optimal intelligibility, platform-independent.

When teaching takes place in a large classroom and the teacher moves around the room. In these spaces, suitable tools are required that adapt to both live and remote use.

For this area proposes the system YVC-1000, combined with up to 5 Microphones YVC-MIC1000EX and a wireless microphone system Line 6, providing good intelligibility and flexibility.

The addition of a portable public address system Stagepas 400BT, with its integrated mixing console, ensures that the teacher can easily understand students who join remotely. It also allows you to connect additional audio sources. To further enhance the distance learning experience, you can add an additional webcam or a whiteboard/display.

Yamaha multipurpose hybrid training

If the space is the teachers' room, what is sought is a solution that allows a communication without tensions in the open areas, as well as hybrid group work. For this Yamaha offers technology SoundCap and your speaker YVC-330.

Simply connect your device to a laptop via USB and Yamaha's Soundcap technology reduces external noise, so it can also be used in open areas.

For traditional conference rooms or small meeting rooms, when both participants who are at the table and those connected by video must be visible at the same time, optimal voice intelligibility is important.

To enable the most complete communication in sound and vision even in smaller rooms, an integrated solution such as the video collaboration soundbar CS-700 from Yamaha, which can be expanded with an additional microphone if necessary, is the most suitable solution.

Yamaha hybrid auditorium training

The teacher can fully concentrate on the class or the teachers' conference and be sure that students or classmates can follow the class. The camera combination, microphone and soundbar allows great attention and can be easily used with a large screen and a computer or laptop

last, for an auditorium or theater the most suitable is a flexible solution, that allows you to record an event or transmit it on the web.

Yamaha hybrid training room teachers

To capture in the best possible way conferences or concerts from an auditorium and amplify them live, the ideal is to combine a wireless system from Line 6 with handheld microphone or headphones, plus an active speaker system DBR10, DBR12 or DBR15 (according to the size of the room).

A mixer MG10XU ensures optimal tuning of sound sources and streaming to a streaming or conferencing platform. Additional instruments or sound sources can be easily integrated.

Using a camera and a tripod, live streams can be created in which the speaker interacts naturally with viewers on the network, if a return channel is provided for viewers

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