Hailed as a milestone in the implementation of the 'creative engineering' of JBL, its new generation of line-array of the VTX series stands out for its performance, integration and ease of use.

JBL F12 Earpro

The VTX series of JBL, he went to the market with four models, two of them three-way (VTX V25 and V20) and two subwoofer, suitable both for overhand for staking (S25 and S28), has been expanded recently with several complementary models referred to as VTX-F; a multipurpose speakers Premium line, aimed at those audio professionals interested in maintaining the excellent quality of sound of the original VTX models.

This new generation of line-array, which sells in the Iberian market EarPro, consists of three models: F12 and F15, as all-range references, and F18S, as a subwoofer. Headed by each model referred to several key aspects such as:

  • Fill: these models are particularly suitable to cover specific areas, complementing a design carried out with a line array V25.
  • Flexible: the VTX-F all-range models can fly is or mounted on mast for use in many applications.
  • FOH (front-of-house): well individually or combined with the subwoofer F18S, the F12 and F15 models constitute a choice suitable for front PA's public areas.
  • Floor monitor: thanks to its design, components and process dedicated V5, the VTX-F all-range speakers conform perfectly to touring stage monitoring applications.

JBL F18 EarproAll line-array line VTX-F have light transducers and high technology power Differential Drive JBL. In addition, the F12 and F15 models incorporate D2 compression engines, also used in VTX V25.

VTX F12 and F15 VTX are bi-amplificados enclosures including a guide wave PTW (Progressive Transition Waveguide). The first has a 12 inch 2262 speaker H and model F15 with 15″ 2265 H. Both offer a power of 1. 000W continuous and 4. 000W peak in low frequency, as well as 2. 000W continuous and 8. 000W peak in high-frequency and are optimized for use with amplifiers Crown I-Tech HD and with management of Crown VRack amplification systems. Also include process BSS Omnidrive HD V5 and HiQnet Performance Manager of JBL control.

F12 and the F15 models also offer attractive features for your installation, such as inverted Cup, four NL4 connectors for a discrete wiring and 14 metric 10 mounting points.

JBL F15 EarproFor its part, VTX F18S is a powerful and compact subwoofer for DJs or drummers monitors, as well as front sound of small and medium-sized applications. Comes with an 18 inch 2269 transducer H, with a power of 2. 000W continuous and 8. 000W peak. This enclosure has receiver mast M20 tumbler, 16-point metric 10, four-point grip for transport and feet and holes for her staked.

With these three new models, the VTX series ends to form an option for high quality sound reinforcement for all kinds of spaces. Their models can be combined to cover audience areas ranging from halls to small and medium capacity areas and needs greater coverage, with line-array clusters.

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By • 23 Jun, 2014
• Section: To fund, Audio

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