The new version of software converts touch screens TouchLink Pro multifunction devices, with all the information and availability up in twenty languages ​​for reserving meeting rooms from any device connected to Microsoft Exchange.

Extron Room Agent 1-1

Extron Electronics It is available version 1.1 of its reservation system Meeting Room Agent, which streamlines and simplifies the management of spaces available in organizations and converts the TouchLink Pro touchpad, in sizes 5 and 7 "in a multifunction device with all meeting information and availability without programming as it operates as a client server Microsoft existing Exchange.

Among the new features of version 1.1 include Room Agent file activity program for capturing events of each meeting, a registration button confirming those attending the scheduled session and support in twenty languages.

Extron has maximally simplified the process of booking the room on the touch panel, which only requires pressing the button so named and thanks to a new interface, provides at a glance the conditions of the room for the rest of the day with Led inside the bezel of the screen to quickly view the status, even from the hallway.

Extron Room Agent

Como explica Casey Hall, vp. de ventas y marketing de Extron, “desde que anunciamos su lanzamiento la primavera pasada, el sistema de programación de reserva de salas ha mejorado la experiencia en la disponibilidad de espacios en todo el mundo, que tienen una alta demanda. Esta nueva versión simplifica aún más el proceso mediante la adición de más herramientas, opciones de personalización y la mejora de soporte de idiomas”.

While other devices rely on additional software reserves or external processors, touch screens booking rooms Extron connect directly to Microsoft Exchange, providing a practical standalone tool for any size installation, users can use from anywhere Exchange device connected to including their own mobile devices.

Depending on how you configure the Pro TLP TouchLink 520M, 720M and 720T screens can be used as traditional touch screen controllers or backup devices halls. The user also has customization options to show or hide fields, depending on your preferences, for booking quickly and easily with Room Agent.

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By • 3 Mar, 2016
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