The centerpiece of this industrial symbol is converted into a museum exhibition dedicated to nature, where projectors this manufacturer are essential to represent the Earth in a balloon of 25 m. designed for Intermediate Engineering with stunning satellite images of high resolution, obtained thanks to the collaboration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Built in the 20s of last century, Gasometer Oberhausen It is a symbol of the industrial heritage of Germany and the highest in Europe, located in the Ruhr area, which has now been converted into a large museum and exhibition space (7,000 m2), whose interior also caves and is celebrate all kinds of events, concerts and even theater productions throughout the year.

One of his last exhibition, called 'Wunder der Natur', dedicated to the variety of natural life through international best photographs of nature and wildlife, has been so well received that has been extended until the end of 2017. proposed by Commissioner Peter Pachnicke, the sample includes 150 large-format illustrations from works of photojournalist Christian Ziegler and Manfred Kage microfotógrafo up cinematic sequences television series the BBC and Planet Earth global phenomenon.

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a successful balloon 25 meters, suspended in a space of 100 meters high, designed by Intermediate EngineeringWhere the laser projection is fundamental to represent the Earth from breathtaking images of high resolution satellite element, obtained thanks to the collaboration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Using positioned 36,000 km of the atmosphere of Earth satellites, a series of images that are sent at intervals show the breathtaking view of our planet, which varies from day to night through the seasons. Visitors can also see the formation of ice at the North Pole in winter, along with the movements of clouds and air.

The video sequence consists of 1.5 million images from several satellites, which in turn DLR combines a high-quality video. For this twelve lasers PT-RZ670 model Panasonic covering the large sphere or globe with 27,648,000 pixels mapped projection. A glass elevator to the roof of the gasometer offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Earth, faithfully recreated with laser projection technology for this manufacturer.

Structure mapping and video

For this project, the specialist Intermediate Engineering began building a test structure reduced in their facilities, where they unfurled their own computer systems monitoring and mapping software before installing the final structure of the gasometer size balloon.

Meanwhile, DLR created video sequences for each projector, a structure of virtual cameras supplied by Intermediate Engineering that were directed to the globe in a virtual gasometer to fix the positions of each projector, besides adjusting the projection exact way final structure, for which were used in ninety days generate final images.

La estructura del gasómetro, en su mayor parte de acero, presentaba un entorno interno exigente, con una humedad del 95% y temperaturas de hasta 44°C. El servidor de control remoto de Intermediate Engineering supervisó las condiciones para garantizar un tiempo de actividad constante, pero con el servicio técnico situado a cinco horas, la empresa necesitaba un producto y una asistencia de confianza.

Así lo recalca Heiko Wandrey, fundador y director general de Intermediate Engineering: “cualquier empresa puede tener problemas con sus productos, pero lo importante es cómo los soluciona cuando se presentan. Deben resolverse y de forma rápida. La buena comunicación marca la diferencia en el servicio, y el que nos ha prestado Panasonic, además de sus buenos equipos, ha sido excelente cuando hemos necesitado hablar con alguien o recibir asesoramiento”.

Under the agreement, an extended service hired, "which includes a unit specific loan, so that if a problem arises we have expert help quickly and ensure maximum uptime and receive a projector replacement within 24 hours if a problem arises before 12:00 h ", points Wandrey.

In this regard, one of the challenges that beat laser projectors Panasonic was during the winter, remember this management, "as it is when temperatures are very low and caused occasional problems with the lighting of the projectors. Panasonic solved this issue by units modified to suit our needs replacement ignition at low temperatures, and are very pleased with the results. "

Quality and reliability

With a free runtime maintenance of 20,000 hours thanks to the Solid Shine Panasonic, laser technology, the PT-RZ670 model was chosen for this project will also provide 6,500 lumens with a high level of brightness and flexible mounting options omnidirectional, so which they have allowed them to create such an unusual and striking attraction.

The sealed and hermetically sealed housing also ensures high quality images even in dusty environment and historic Gasometer heavy traffic, with a maximum temperature of 44º Celsius and humidity of 95.3%.

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By • 16 Aug, 2017
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