Delphi Display Systems, Designer and manufacturer of outdoor digital signage solutions, has launched the Digital Sidewalk SignBoard, A combination of outdoor digital signage displays and the usual whiteboards used in hospitality establishments.

blankThe new Digital Sidewalk SignBoard Delphi combines the digital flexibility of an LCD display 22 Inch, with a traditional blackboard, enabling businesses to communicate effectively and quickly with eye-catching videos and images. Developed for outdoor or protected indoor use, The Digital Sidewalk SignBoard is ideal for coffees, Snack shops, Boutiques, nightclubs and other businesses that want to engage customers with crisp digital images or videos, of great impact, along with messages that can be written and changed at any time – with a personal touch.

Digital images or videos can be easily customized and updated via a standard USB flash drive. Digital display rotates images and/or videos to highlight key menu items or promotions. The poster also supports high-resolution video. The whiteboard can be used to present the day's specials, Prices, Promotions or daily activities and start times.

The LCD of the Digital Sidewalk SignBoard is protected with a glass front window with black glass frame. The LCD screen and 24 blackboard″ Integrate into a folding stand with wheels for mobility in and out of a restaurant or business.

Ken Neeld, President and CEO of Delphi Display Systems, Reviewed: “We believe there are a huge number of applications for the Digital Sidewalk SignBoard and are happy to assist our customers in their implementation for the benefit of their businesses. Delphi is known for driving the industry forward with unique outdoor digital display technology and we are proud to add the Digital Sidewalk SignBoard to our product line.”

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by • 19 Apr, 2012
• section: Digital signage, display