This name is the result of the new strategy to drive interactions between people. Under the new name Poly has attended the Event Enterprise Connect 2019, where she is exposing the products and services that implement the company's vision.

Polycom Pano

Plantronics He has decided to change its name by Poly and unite under a single name their experience and of Polycom in the field of audio and video technology.

This new name reflects its strategy focused on the human experience of communication and collaboration, which aims that all calls are so rich and natural as interactions in person.

Poly wants to become reference to facilitate the link between users and the collaboration in the cloud platforms, regardless of where and when are used.
It will focus its activity in four areas of innovation, which are based on the concept of Prosumer users: consumers seeking products that work efficiently both for his career and during his free time.

In particular, the company will focus on solutions designed for business environments open for business collaboration, to facilitate the experience mobile-first and for the management of the devices through cloud services.

Innovation areas

Polycom StudioPoly bet on four different areas of innovation: open office spaces, collaboration tools, solutions Mobile-first for modern workers and cloud services that help users and it professionals to take greater advantage of their devices.

The open spaces of offices involve the appearance of noise and distractions, which reduces productivity and employee satisfaction. Poly offers solutions to deal with the acoustic distractions in the open spaces, as well as technological tools so small meetings (huddle rooms) rooms have the same potential as the traditional boardrooms.

Users currently use three or more collaboration solutions on any given day and need terminals compatible with those solutions at all levels. In this sense, Poly has a wide range of products to respond to this growing need.

Polycom EagleEye Director IIIf it is using a personal smartphone, a phone company or work in an environment in which the personal sphere and the Professional are merged into a single, users need as they so mobile voice and video features.

The launch of Elara 60 series responds to this new reality and joins headphones acquaintances of the company for mobile devices that provide high-quality tools to be productive, regardless of where they are located.

As the trend continues large-scale training of end users, it professionals face a new challenge when it comes to knowing what devices are being used and where. Poly focuses on these easy-to-use solutions are also easy to manage.

Enterprise Connect 2019

PlantronicsThe company has come, with its new name, the Enterprise Connect 2019 event, taking place in Orlando until March 21, to display their new products and services to put into practice the vision of the company. Among these products are:

Polycom Studio: intuitive bar USB video that takes collaboration rooms to the next level and is compatible with services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Cisco Webex or Amazon Chime.

Elara 60: telephone base designed for some workers more mobile (mobile-first) that gives users the ability to use Microsoft Teams with a single touch or through activation voice.

Eagle Eye Cube: camera for video conferencing with 4K sensors that allow to obtain an image of great sharpness and optimum sound to improve the quality of the meetings in small or medium-size rooms. It is compatible with many existing solutions such as Polycom Trio (in combination with VisualPro) and Group Series, among others.

Blackwire 7225: intuitive headset for unified communications (UC), which feature a stylish design without arm and are designed to help users to keep their concentration in open office. Its active (ANC) noise cancellation functionality allows for people to focus on work, listen to music and handle calls in a professional manner from a PC or Mac.

Plantronics Status Indicator: light indicator on the desktop and that connects with any communications platform that the user use so the rest of employees know if available, taking a call or away from the desktop. Also notify messages and calls through audio and Visual alerts.

New features of voice homogenized that simplify the process of allocation of headphones for administrators. In this way, it is possible to directly modify the basic and advanced features of headphones from a landline through interactive GUIs without need for a connected PC.

Plantronics Manager Pro 3.13 enables it professionals to know how many devices have, what works and what does not, and what to do about.

Polycom Device Management Service for the Enterprise (PDMS-E): now supports both with Polycom Studio, facilitating their management, as well as added API functions, to provide greater control and management of large scale deployments.

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By • 19 Mar, 2019
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