The LFE8 Panasonic series, available in 43, 48, 55 and 65 inches, integrates indoor screens equipped with Led backlight, ideal for digital signage applications or configurations of videowall.

Panasonic LFE8

The series of screens for LFE8 digital signage applications of Panasonic available in sizes of 43 (TH-43LFE8), 48 (TH-48LFE8), 55 (TH-55LFE8) and 65 inches (TH655LFE8). A few teams with resolution Full HD (1920 × 1080) suitable for use in commercial establishments, exhibition halls or conference rooms.

The models of the FLE8 line, which was announced at last year's ISA 2015include Led backlighting and a brightness of 350 cd/m², to ensure optimum quality of the images and low electricity consumption. Its contrast ratio varies between 1,200: 1 for the 55-inch and 5000:1 for 65.

These screens can be configured in videowalls of 5 × 5 using the enlargement function and are characterized by their ability to be mounted in vertical position and USB cloning. It also incorporates the solution Simple Signage Player, which allows you to decode a variety of formats from a USB device.

Panasonic LFE8

The LFE8 series is often used in a vertical position for menu boards and city guide shows, and can be mounted in landscape, portrait, or multi-screen configuration. This provides information that is easy to see even in places relatively high within the store, increasing the flexibility of the Assembly.

The use of these screens for purposes of signage is as simple as entering the content from a USB connection without the need to specify a media player. It is possible to visualize videos and still images, allowing you to use a wide variety of original signal content.

Panasonic LFE8

These Panasonic displays, built with a compact design and a depth of less than 62 mm, allow the effective use of space indoors, and can be implemented in discrete systems with mounts on wall.

Bezel that present LFE8 series screens is approximately the same width around the perimeter. In the 65-inch model is 7.5 mm (0.3 "") wide at the top and sides, and 10.5 mm at the bottom. Its narrow edge helps focus on the Visual images.

They incorporate 10W speakers that eliminate the need or the space required for external speakers when displayed content with a soundtrack or video conferences. Nor is it necessary to consider the space for the speaker to set the display.

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By • 4 Sep, 2015
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