It is an initiative developed jointly with SMART, HP, Microsoft and Intel that wants to respond to the need for centers to adapt to 21st century education. This proposal to transform education, in which the Fundació Collserola is participating, could be seen in the HP stand at SIMO Education 2016.

HP SIMO Education 2016

The Fundació Collserola It has been selected to participate in the initiative to Reinvent the Classroom of HP and Microsoft, designed to facilitate innovation in teaching, as well as access to technology solutions created specifically for education, in order to transform the mode of teaching and learning in schools around the world.

This entity has been chosen for its commitment to teaching and the educational innovation, becoming a center of research of new techniques for learning through technology, creating a vision for the classroom of the future.

"The classrooms created in the centers selected by the program mix the power of educational technologies and teaching methods to revolutionize education, by creating adaptive and immersive learning environments to energize equally both the teacher and the student," says Carlos Alonso, head of the education business of HP Inc. España.

HP SIMO Education 2016

The Fundació Collserola consists of three educational centers: Frederic Mistral-Técnic Eulslia in Barcelona, Escola Avena in Sant Cugat del Valles and the Ramon Fuster school in Bellaterra (Cerdanyola). "Our participation in the Reinvent the Classroom technology innovation project is aligned with the goals and purpose of our educational program. In our centers, we contemplate in a unique and innovative way the educational and formative orientation in all areas, continuously and systematically in the present and with projection of the future", says David Sierra, president of the Fundació Collserola.

Tanto los profesores como los estudiantes estarán dirigidos por la organización sin ánimo de lucro Digital Promise Global. Utilizando la tecnología que se presta en este programa, los estudiantes participarán en actividades y proyectos para potenciar las habilidades y conceptos importantes, incluyendo el pensamiento de diseño, diseño tridimensional y el espíritu empresarial social.

Each selected center is equipped with Sprout by HP, a Dremel 3D printer, HP x360 310 EE computers, an HP PageWide printer, as well as software and teaching guides. Digital Promise Global will provide professional training sessions on Office 365, Skype, Sway, and OneNote. Learning Studios is supported by partners such as Dremel, Crayola, Makey Makey and Edmodo who are contributing additional resources and materials to schools.

HP SIMO Education 2016

Reinvent the Classroom Program

The Reinvent the Classroom (RTC) project is an initiative developed in conjunction with SMART, Microsoft e Intelwhich has aimed to boost the classroom of the future, and whose base is the constant creation to promote learning with the technology more appropriate, focused on the student.

Its objective is to respond to the need of centers adapt to 21st century education, which also involves the training of teachers, regarding the use of the devices, in order take full advantage of the technology making use responsible for the same.

The devices that are framed within this project range from tablets specially designed to withstand the treatment of children in the first cycles of primary school, to laptops whose screen rotates 360o or convertibles 2-in-1, with capabilities to work batteries that exceed 18 hours.

Reinvent the Classroom is a project created to inspire educational innovation and drive the next generation of learning experiences, revolving around Windows 10 and HP solutions.

HP SIMO Education 2016

A proposal that could be seen in SIMO

This proposal to transform the educational classrooms was presented at the HP booth in SIMO Education 2016, October 21, closed its doors, and passing through the centers offer a technological transformation, integrated in the education of the Centre (PEC) project, and consistent with the objectives of the school.

"Students and teachers need to be able to create personalized, connected learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. It is vital to implement better teacher training, to accompany them in this process of change, and to motivate students to improve the teaching and learning process together. In addition to ensuring better results, creating a brighter future for our entire society," says Carlos Alonso, head of HP Inc. Spain's Education business.

Through the HP Intel Teacher Ambassadors program provides services to van oriented to methodological change, the training of teachers and management team, and the use of innovative digital tools. The objective is that the centers can implement technology effectively in different educational practices; strengthen the safety in use of the devices, and out of the classroom, allowing teachers to get more control over the classroom; and offer continuous training to ICT teaching staff, to ensure actual implementation of the new technology.

The HP booth was focused to show its concept Reinvent the Classrom through spaces dedicated to students, where they think, investigate, design, build, and share their learning; as well as versatile and dynamic, areas that were adapted to the needs of the classroom.

In this way, they could see spaces where students had a whole wall of slate where projecting your ideas and work as a team, take notes, describe phases of your research and, above all, collaborate. An area that developed an innovative way of conceiving ideas, create projects and solve problems through 'Design Thinking'.

Another in which moved one also had an interactive digital display (PDI) SMART with its contents, on the front wall next to the teacher table. This could be used to explain and expose as well as investigate and experiment.

In a third space immersive learning is fostered and allowed the attendees know the use of virtual reality in order to make a dip in the contents and enhance learning through augmented reality. All this was contents of architecture shows through virtual reality monitor HP ZVR 23 inch, along with virtual reality goggles and HP Workstation Z440 workstations.

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