The manufacturer has recreated a showroom of an innovative shop, in which advanced Visual and functional solutions offer a differential experience and omnicanal to the client, as well as the impact on sales and time on site for the outlet itself.

Samsung retail future

' Retail future: Digital POS today ', has been the motto of the event Samsung It was held at the College of architects of Madrid)Coam) to analyse the future challenges at the points of sale and how the visual display technology can help retailers to offer customers a more satisfactory experience, and thus sell more.

Omnicanal, to the challenges in the short term of the retail environment and the benefits that have achieved the best shops in the world to implement advanced technological solutions have been analyzed from the shopping experience during the day.

This vision expert in measuring the effectiveness of investing in digital signage and functional technology, as well as responsible for various shops of success of sectors such as fashion, banking, food and vehicle dealers, who have joined shared their national and international experiences in the use of digital signage.

Samsung retail future

Messages and interaction in real time

Increasingly there are more elements of signage and digital signage that allow the continuous updating of messages and direct interaction between brands and consumers. In this area, progress and developments made by Samsung in technology visual display is intended to present the information attractive and differential, in such a way that each establishment messages can highlight in the middle of the multiple stimuli and information that consumers receive in this new digital environment.

Samsung digital signage for the retail industry solutions enable customized buying experiences and direct customers to the point of settlement that interests the merchant, increasing both the time that remains in the store as the shopping done.

As explained by David Alonso, head of the Samsung Spain B2B area, "relying on technology, retailers can get that customer enters your store and, once inside, stay as long as possible and comfortably make purchases. "Our solutions visual display help to attract consumers, enrich the shopping experience and contribute to that customer will be satisfied of the commercial establishment".

Samsung retail future

The advantages of the digital display in action

In addition to the Conference program, Samsung has installed a showroom that recreated a real tent, from the Showcase area boxes and testers, in which the advantages of their solutions were in action for the event.

  • Digital Showcase: displays of high-brightness-series OME and OHF of Samsung, 24, 46, 55 and 75-inch formats, ready to settle in semiexterior environments, such as windows or outdoors that do not provide viewing problems by direct exposure to light the Sun, a key factor in a country like Spain which will enjoy many hours of daylight. These screens can issue specific content on articles for sale continuously (24/7).
  • UHD digital signage: the recreation of this store had the Smart Signage UHD screen of 85 ", belonging to the QMD series, which offers a spectacular picture quality in ultra high definition (UHD - 4K) to show realistic and shocking content. These screens are also available in 49, 55- and 65-inch formats.
    Samsung retail future
  • Virtual Tester: in collaboration with Jogotech, the company installed a traditional mirror with a 32 "screen on the back that allows you to view the contents for this event. The display incorporates a code RFID reader that automatically reads the code on clothes that will test the client and identifies the product, so that you can choose another size or change color quickly and easily: when interacts with screen dependent receives a notification in your Samsung smartwatch and the customer can complete the transaction before this innovative espejo-probador.
  • Interactive exhibitor: This exhibition furniture - created for this occasion with smartphones - allows you to display information on the screen relative to the product that houses, with a performance similar to the one described before with virtual Tester: when the customer picks up any of the devices, the seller has at the same time a notification on the smartwatch. Furniture integrates a display of digital signage 55 "and the DME series of Samsung Full HD resolution, as well as RFID sensors to update content and alerts in real-time to dependents. This solution has been developed by admires.
    Samsung retail future Video wall: indispensable in an innovative store a videowall, in this case created with screen Full HD 55 "with ultrathin frame (3.5 mm) UDE-B series, to show corporate videos, images visible in all product, promotions, etc. the establishment.
  • Interactive point of sale: the eCommerce for the point of sale solution consists of a vertical touch screen 55 ", combined with the sale unattended TMT solution, it allows to customize the purchase (sizes, quantities, colors...), and pay through the integrated pin pad or with the service Samsung Pay mobile payment. The aim of this proposal is to facilitate the management and the purchasing process, at the same time that customer access to a wide range of information and prolong their stay in the store.

Samsung retail futureArea of boxes:

  • Management of shifts: located behind the counter, these screens integrated Aturnos software and facilitate the management of waiting and efficiently queues to advertising, promotional, or informational content of interest shown to customers.
  • Small format tactile screens: with a size of 10 ", the DB10E-T model integrates the SSSP platform of the company and may issue promotional interactive content and customer satisfaction surveys to find out the opinion of customers with respect to the care received, without PC or players additional.

Samsung retail futureOther special solutions:

  • Mirror display: screen mirror of the MLE series, available in sizes of 32 and 55 ", which may be located anywhere in the store by its double functionality: display and mirror. This is equipped with a proximity sensor that, when approaching a client, show specific information (sales or offers available in the settlement at that time).
  • Monitor stretch: an ultrapanoramico format with a size of 37 ", SH37F model facilitates the issuance of content in narrow spaces and small (such as shelves, roofs and corridors). Ideal also for applications directory and signs in stores, it can be used in addition to display product information on a new format and that fits very well in the points of sale furniture, as in the application that has been made to this event.

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