For its implementation, this Belgian study used a projector Panasonic PT-VZ570 in combination with a special mirror mounted in front of the Dynamic Projection projector lens. Programmable motorized mirror can rotate 270 degrees, as well as up and down, allowing project images across the room located in Antoon gallery in Leuven.

Gallery Invasion is the new project of the Belgian study Skull MappingIt consists of Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck, which again shows an innovative initiative after the completion of Le Petit Chef already reported Digital AV Magazine and it has achieved five million views on YouTube

For this new work, which has allowed them to move from the world of food to art, it used a projector PT-VZ570 PanasonicIn combination with a special mirror Dynamic Projection Institute mounted in front of the projector lens. Programmable motor, the mirror can rotate 270 degrees and up and down, allowing project images around the room.

This projector has been used because it incorporates resolution WUXGA (1929 × 1200) and the amount of lumens output suitable for this space and this type of project (4800). They also considered that the levels of black in projected images are close enough to the real black.

Gallery Invasion is projected onto the gallery itself Antoon in Leuven (Belgium). Paintings on walls, the space is used to display his work as an artist. The facility includes a monkey as the star, with a little character miniature painting graffiti on the picture of the monkey before you rush out the room with the monkey behind. Leaping from painting to painting, the characters run throughout the space.

The PT-VZ570 is compact and offers a free lifetime maintenance of 7,000 hours. The function of horizontal, vertical and keystone correction to the projection angle essential for Gallery Invasion project, vertically mounted equipment against the wall.

"For us this is first and foremost a research and development project with which we want to show what allows this technique. In this case, the video is more important to us than the live experience, and our intention is to recreate this kind of large-scale initiatives for a larger audience, "says Filip Sterckx.

The basic function for daylight environments PT-VZ570 ensures brightness, clarity and sharpness of projected images even in bright areas of the gallery, where works of art are lighting bulbs.

“Técnicamente me planteaba un desafío, porque no había trabajado nunca con un espejo. Este proyecto también supone un avance con respecto a lo que se ha hecho con espejos, ya que hasta ahora se habían utilizado para proyectar movimientos alrededor de gráficos y vídeo, no para un animación compleja con personajes que necesitan estar en puntos muy específicos en momentos muy concretos. Nos hemos acostumbrado a ver proyectos de mapping proyectados en todo tipo de objetos, pero ver personajes moviéndose libremente sobre varias paredes, techos o incluso suelos con un único proyector y una instalación discreta resulta bastante mágico”, añade Filip.

Filip used the MDC-X Institute of Dynamic Projection Media Server to schedule the mirror, so that replicate the movement prepared in animation.

Skullmapping also integrated audio in history, for which they asked the sound designers agency Roundhouse creating sound effects and distribute sound through the room when the action moves from left to right. Placing speakers on either side of the room, the sound can move around the gallery along with animation to complete the experience.

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By • 26 Apr, 2017
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