This tool gives life to the advertising displays of shopping centers providing personalized content when the user passes in front because that recognizes gender, age, emotions and lifestyle.

Bismart MWC 2018

Bismart is present at the Mobile World Congress)MWC 2018), which is celebrating in Barcelona until 1 March next, and she sought to present Targeted Live Ads, a virtual assistant based on BOT and Artificial Intelligence technology.

The tool gives life to shopping centres advertising screens and with this intelligence ads targeting individual users when it passes in front of them, allowing powerful Street Marketing campaigns.

Through Face Recognition technology, they recognize the user identifying the gender, age, emotions and lifestyle. And, in addition, accompany him on his tour of the Mall, to recommend products to buy.

As explained Albert Isern, CEO of Bismart, Artificial Intelligence is already a reality. "The BOT, diminutive robot English, are computer systems that interact with it as if it were a human. Identify your emotions, you recognize, speak with you, offer you the best solution in every moment and pamper you according to your mood. One of the most appreciated by the market Bismart Artificial Intelligence technologies is therefore the identification of emotions through facial recognition".

This innovative technology of Bismart reminds screens ads appearing in the film Minority Report, above all in the sequence in which Tom Cruise crosses a shopping center and ads on the walls are alive.

"Bismart based its strategy to capture the emotions and spread enthusiasm. There are people and organizations that have an amazing facility to transmit illusion. They are those companies in which everyone would like to work and who want to be customers. And with this same philosophy, we help companies to achieve this thanks to our products. Our mission is to make life of our customers, our citizens and our society better"concludes Isern.

The commercial strategy of ads that follow the user in the street, in the offline world, and personalize the offer is based on the concept of the Remarketing of the web, the online world.

Remarketing is the feature that allows you to create ads customized to the users who previously visited a website, which for instance has not completed the purchase process or has not even started, and there is the possibility to reach the user for again offer the product that was interested.

On the other hand, the Consorci AOC of the Generalitat of Catalonia, of the hand of the County Council of the Eastern Vallès and the Town Hall of Sant Cugat del Vallès, will present at the MWC, the Artificial Intelligence project implemented by Bismart to improve services social.

By Bismart predictive algorithms, can be identified profiles demographic of users from each of the different types of social services, which the Administration has for needy citizens.

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By • 27 Feb, 2018
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