Together with the powerful and lightweight V-600UHD mixer, Roland presents at their booth at ISE versatile proposals, intended for production of events or programs for streaming as the VR-1HD or minimezclador V-02HD.

Roland V-600UHD in ISE 2019

The star of Roland in IF in Amsterdam is the video switcher multi-format V-600UHD, a proposal, that thanks to the Ultra Scaler technology, allows you to work both with HD signals as 4 K HDR, high level events every day extended resolution.

The V-600UHD uses high dynamic range (HDR) technology, with an image frequency of 60 Hz and 30 Hz refresh rate. In addition, it is compatible with RGB and BT.709 standards and wide gamut of color (WCG) in the BT.2020 specification.

Also includes internal processing with color depth 10 bits, with 4K content of 2,160 pixels in height, DCI or Cinema 4K of 4,096 pixels wide.

The new mixer has four HDMI inputs 2.0 and two inputs 12 G-SDI, each of which independently supports entry and scaling of resolutions Full HD, UHD 4K, 4K and PC from UXGA to DCI DCI 4K, without the need for external converters.

Configurable mutlipantalla monitor lets users see all sources, schedule and preview them in one HD screen.

Outputs support the reduction of scale to Full HD for the feeding of encoders streaming or other destinations with HD displays, allowing users to connect the output directly to a driver of led with the necessary pixel dimensions display.

As regards audio has an audio processing of high-quality 24-bit / 48 kHz, allowing desembeberlo of a signal and send it to an external sound mixer. The audio of the same audio mixer program can also embed in one or all video outputs to feed with video of program to an encoder of steam, a recorder, or an overflow room.

Roland VR-1HD

VR-1HD, a 'plug and play' study

For those who wish to produce a video and audio streaming in a simple way, Roland proposal is the meclador AV VR-1HD.

The VR-1HD has three HDMI inputs, each of which accepts a variety of resolutions of HD video and computer-based. This allows to connect, mix and broadcast sources, including cameras, presentations, video games in action and even smartphones and tablets, without having to think about the compatibility of the resolutions.

The audio from these sources can be mixed with both studio-quality XLR microphone inputs and the dedicated line. In addition, its dedicated controls and mount microphone input (with optional Gooseneck microphone) allow the user to work in mode hands-free comfort.

Among its numerous functions, automatic switching between chambers on the basis depending on who is speaking into the microphone. If two people speak at the same time, or if no one is talking, the VR-1HD can switch the broadcast to a wide shot showing both presenters, for example.

With Beat Sync Switching function, this solution of Roland switched the issuance by entering different camera input images based on a presentation of DJ depending on the tempo of music.

In addition, thanks to the blend feature automatic auto mixing of the VR-1HD different audio inputs do not compete among them, keeping a balanced sound. It is even possible to establish certain entries in top priority for that when a host, for example, begin speaking, other audio levels are reduced automatically.

Roland V-02HD

V-02HD: mixer, climber and Expander all in one

Los eventos o producciones frecuentemente traen serios desafíos que se resuelven fácilmente con soluciones como el nuevo y versátil mezclador de video V-02HD multi-formato de Roland. Se trata de un todo en uno que incluye mezclador simple, escalador de alta calidad, expansor de entrada, solución de audio y efectos/composición de vídeo online.

Small production teams, budgets limited and strict delivery deadlines mean that a single session of two chambers can be stressful. The recording or broadcasting (streaming) with a switch live allows you to present a production with immediate delivery to customer and the V-02HD makes the whole process fast, easy, and fluid for the camera operator.

Roland V-02HDV-02HD takes two cameras output HDMI and performs perfectly switching a connected device, be it a recorder or a retransmission live (Livestream) encoder. The operator can then switch between cameras using dedicated controls or even using their feet, via a switch/pedal switch connected allowing you to continue to operate his camera.

The audio of both Chambers and external sources can be mixed within the V-02HD and is monitored via the headphones output dedicated. Finally, the resulting mixture is embedded in conjunction with the video switcher and is issued via HDMI. The V-02HD transforms a session of dos-camaras in a small study of production of a single person, to provide a reliable recording or broadcast live, even with minimal resources.

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By • 8 Feb, 2019
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