Stonex Ayrton at San Francisco Opera

In the staging of this opera by Rossini, that has been seen in the Marin Center, luminaires have been used Ayrton Perseus-S.

The San Francisco Opera has used Ayrton Perseo-S luminaires in the production, performed outdoors, from Rossini's 'The Barber of Seville' at the Marin Center in San Rafael, California. Perseo spotlights are compact multifunction luminaires with an IP65 degree of protection and developed for intensive outdoor use.

The Barber of Seville, directed by Matthew Ozawa, was represented from the 23 From April to 15 May at the Marin Center, near San Francisco, where the public parked their cars next to the lagoon with the hills of Marin in the background. From their vehicles they saw Rosini's opera, in a custom-built scenario for production, with large Led screens.

Stonex Ayrton at San Francisco Opera

Hemos montado conciertos antes en el Golden Gate Park, pero no se ha producido nada de esta magnitud en el exterior en los tres años que llevo en la compañía”, points out Justin Partier, lighting director of the San Francisco Opera. “Consideramos varios lugares y encontramos que el Marin Center era la mejor ubicación. So we built a stage and used the set of a fidelio production not yet held, en una nueva configuración”.

Partier claims the lighting team was looking for a luminaire that would offer masking, Gobos, color and diffusion, So what, In addition, outside small enough to be placed inside the set. The spotlights should also be able to withstand the inclement weather during the three weeks of performance of the opera. Perseus-S met all these requirements.

Las luminarias tenían que ser pequeñas y brillantes, ya que eran la única forma de iluminar el escenario desde las posiciones de luz lateral y de pie”, explains Partier. “También tenían que ser aptas para su uso en exteriores”.

The Gobos of Ayrton Perseus, distributing Stonex, they were widely used in production and explains that "whenever the four rear walls of the video panels were in an open position, we painted gobos on them with the prism". They were especially effective in storm sequences and shaving.

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by • 15 Jun, 2021
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