Ayrton Perseo Beam Stonex

The new moving head Led Perseo Beam of Ayrton emerges as a creative multifunctional equipment option, thanks to its 48 fixed and rotating gobos that are combined with four prisms.

The French brand Ayrton, whose systems it sells in the Iberian market Stonex, has developed its new Led luminaire Perseus Beam with a compact format and protection IP65, to have the best outdoor performance (enduring rain, dust, temperature changes, Etc.), as well as indoors.

Ayrton Perseo Beam Stonex

Perseus Beam maintains the minimalist design characteristic of the manufacturer, as in the case of Perseus Profile, focused on its accessibility and low weight. It has an ultra intensive 2º beam and a zoom of 21 Increases.

The monochromatic Led emitter -de 450 W- has been specially designed for long-distance applications and is capable of reaching 18.000 Lumens, at a color temperature of 6.800 K, in a stable way.

Ayrton Perseo Beam Stonex

Innovation and precision in color

Ayrton Perseo Beam is committed to innovation in the color section, which includes a system of CMY mix and a Progressive linear CTO. The multiposition color wheel, instant access and equipped with four color temperature correction filters, together with the thirteen complementary color filters located in two concentric circles, ensure optimum accuracy.

This equipment allows you to enjoy a great quality of color, that make the Perseo Beam much more than a luminaire with IP65 protection, to offer maximum performance in any use and condition.

Ayrton Perseo Beam Stonex

Creativity in effects

The wide variety of creative options offered by Perseo Beam make it a multifunction luminaire, able to adapt to a wide variety of different uses.

The creative possibilities increase thanks to its great graphic capacity. the 48 Gobos are distributed on two wheels, with 28 gobos dedicated to the projection of high definition images and 20 metal gobos designed to sculpt light in beam mode.

Ayrton Perseo Beam Stonex

Gobos can be mixed with four independent rotating prisms to achieve a large amount of volumetric lighting effects.

Beam functionalities are completed with a continuous rotating effects wheel in both directions and two filters Frost, strong and soft. Like Perseus Profile, it has a digital dimmer that allows you to pass accurately from 0% to 100% without any color variation. The strobe effect is adjustable since 1 to 25 flashes per second.

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