Scalable Display in Electric Picture

Electric Picture uses the software of Scalable Display for mixing projection and warp edges for maritime simulation.

Electric Picture Display Systems has selected Scalable Display Technologies as a reliable solution for mixing projection and deformation edges for maritime simulation.

Scalable software automatically combines and deforms multiple projectors on a single seamless display and allows Electric Picture to reduce installation time, also providing a cost-effective solution. Offers state-of-the-art simulation and training technology for boat operators and engineers, deck and maritime engineering officers, cargo handlers and crew members operating.

With the latest simulation technology, it is no longer necessary to launch boats from the dock to provide practical training on these to sailors. Maritime simulation offers the possibility of placing sailors in ports to provide them with real-time training even before they arrive in the area. Instructors can simulate unexpected threats or technical problems to teach adaptation in difficult circumstances.

Scalable Display in Electric Picture

since 2003, Electric Picture has been designing and installing state-of-the-art projection systems for simulation, virtual reality, network operations centers, companies, government and religious organizations.

“Although we work on a variety of business simulation projects, most of our business is maritime simulation”, comments R.P. Higgins, president of Electric Picture. ” We are in the middle of a project for the Panama Canal Authority, to be completed by the end of this year. We perform from small facilities, as laboratories, to complex projects with multiple screens, each of them up to 11 canals, that we integrate in the naval bases of San Diego and Mayport”.

Depending on visual requirements, Electric Picture integrates a mix of cylindrical and spherical simulator screens. Simulation design requires you to integrate an edge-blending solution.

“Scalable is our reference solution for edge-blending and warping for its reliability and customer support”, explains Higgins. “Does not require any third-party hardware. Your software solution connects directly to the graphics card. It only requires a few lines of code to run it in content production. Streamline technology for our team and our end users”.

Scalable software automatically combines and deforms multiple projectors into a single seamless display. Reduces installation time, also providing a cost-effective solution.

Scalable Display in Electric Picture

“Scalable's multi-channel image is completely perfect. It is very difficult to mix by hand. With this software, the cameras do this automatically in a matter of minutes. It is unique because you can take the information and process it to clean up the image. Geometric accuracy meets the strictest tolerances for formation and mixing zones are undetectable, which creates an immersive environment and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of training”, continues Higgins.

Electric Picture is doing a project in San Diego with 75 Projectors. "It's a huge company and requires a lot of mixing and deformation.. We know that your technicians will make sure that the project is completed smoothly and beautifully. We also incorporated a day or two of training with Scalable technicians and the director of the facilities. This ensures that we have a smooth technology exchange. Scalable has significantly improved its software in the last two years, making it easier to use", adds Higgins

Scalable Display Technologies produces software that automatically calibrates color, the intensity and geometry of images on multiple projectors, resulting in a single seamless digital display. There are no limits on the size or resolution of screens, and images can be created using software tools.

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by • 30 Jun, 2021
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