Christie Hideaki Onishi CEOHideaki Onishi immediately assumes the ultimate responsibility for Christie, to "take the company into a new era", and replaces Kazuhisa Kamiyama, who returns to Japan to fill a new position.

With more than thirty years of experience in various positions within the group Ushio Inc.. -parent company of Christie-, Hideaki Onishi will immediately join as president and CEO of the audiovisual multinational.

This has been pointed out by Onishi himself after his appointment: "Directing Christie will be a great honour for me.. Its legacy of constant innovation, both in their products and manufacturing processes and in their business models, always evolving, is a source of pride for all. I intend to exercise strong leadership, attending to values such as respect, transparency and integrity".

Hideaki Onishi replaces in the maximum responsibility of the company to Kazuhisa Kamiyama What, after his time at Christie, will return to Japan to join a new position at ushio headquarters.

Kamiyama's work has been crucial to Christie's business and overcoming the successive challenges that the sector and the wider economy have had to face in recent years..

"My assessment of the work done at Christie is one of gratitude and satisfaction for the achievements made," he said.. I want to thank everyone for their work and dedication. Together we have overcome obstacles unknown to us and left the company ready for a future of prosperity.. I leave knowing that, with Hideaki, the company is in good hands and I will witness endless successes".

In this sense, Onishi said: "I will soon start a dialogue with all levels of Christie's team around the world.. The task ahead of me and the challenge of maintaining the continued growth of the company fill me with enthusiasm. It's a very promising time to join this company.".

Christie's new president and CEO began working for Ushio at 1989. Known for its good sales capacity, throughout his career he has also demonstrated great skill in management, which has proven in performing different functions successfully in Ushio Lighting, Taiwan Ushio Lighting, Adtech Engineering, Ushio Asia Pacific (Singapore), Viet Nam, Thailand and Ushio Europe.

specifically, Onishi has excelled in the management of the manufacture and sales of printed circuit board exhibition machines (PCB), who arrived in Ushio in 2021 after acquiring Adtec Engineering, and that in five years they were consolidated in the market. Hideaki arrives at Christie after holding the presidency of Ushio Europe.

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by • 5 Apr, 2022
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