Sharp has presented the new LCD monitors with touchscreen L702B-PN and PN-L602B, intended for companies and educational centres, which can be used as presentation with touch control tool, as interactive digital signage or as part of a system of videoconferencing.

Sharp Electronics Spain It has new LCD monitors with 60 to 70 inch touchscreen, allowing to view documents and images, as well as to write directly on the screen to Whiteboard mode. PN-L702B and PN-L602B monitors are perfect for large corporations with training Department and for the educational market, sectors that require a high quality display of high definition and connectivity for printing documents from the same screen or to scan from the printer to the interactive screen.

Documents and images created with any program can be displayed on the screen to write or draw directly with a stylus or your finger, to Whiteboard mode. It is also possible to increase and turn images on the monitor and select and move annotations, texts or drawings on the screen. These new monitors from the Japanese company are designed for companies and educational centres and can be used as presentation with touch control tool, as interactive digital signage or as part of a videoconferencing system.

In addition, its intuitive design facilitates the use of the device, equipped with a user interface designed specifically for these monitors. Sharp has integrated into their new devices software for stylus, allowing access to more joint actions - open and save files, change the characteristics of the pencil, delete or undo, print, etc. quickly and easily.

PN-L702B and PN-L602B models can connect directly to a printer Sharp multifunction, with color scanning function. Documents and images scanned from a printer can be imported directly to the pen software to be viewed on the monitor. For convenience, the data of the images displayed on the touch screen, including annotations, can sent directly to print or save them on a PC.

For an enhanced responsive of the touchscreen and a script on screen without stress, monitors use a system patented by Sharp presenting several infrared sensors that locate the position of your finger of the user or the pencil touch at a speed and with extraordinary precision. New Sharp LCD monitors also include dual touch function, which allows the user to scroll down a page with two fingers and enlarge or reduce an image simply by separating the two fingers, and then returning them to gather.

For the display of bright white, deep black and bright colors, these monitors LCD panel incorporates UV2A technology from Sharp, which guarantees a backlight with superior efficiency and prevents the loss of light. The LED backlight full array of PN-L702B and backlight LED lighting on the edges of the PN-L602B allow for reliable performance and low energy consumption.

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By • 24 Oct, 2011
• Section: Digital signage, Training, Telepresence / Videoconferencing