A projection of 90 meters wide by 9 high, made of boat equipment, served as a backdrop for the celebration of the Autosport International 2014 display. A project in which participated XL Video providing the technical equipment.

XL Video Autosport International 2014

One more year, motor racing fans have gone to his appointment at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (United Kingdom), to the Autosport International Show, which was held from 9 to 12 January. The greatest show of Motorsport in Europe has offered demos, stunts and racing in the Live Action Arena, major circuit racing inside the United Kingdom.

An event which featured engine fans a spectacular projection of 90 meters wide by 9 to the height and had with XL Video for their accomplishment, aided by Network Productions.

XL Video Autosport International 2014

Mobile funds were used for two rows of projectors composed each of them by six projectors of ShipHDF W26s model and the other teams with systems FLM HD20s, who contributed a total production of 276,000 lumens were used in one of the rows. These were located in front of the screen and equipped with wide angle lenses.

The content was stored and executed through four media Catalyst servers, of which one was used for backup. Furthermore, the control system was designed, programmed and operated by Salvador Avila Bettencourt using a Road Hog Full Boar console.

XL Video Autosport International 2014

Video playback was created by designer video Colin Rozee's Zeefx Motion Graphics, I use a resolution of 10560 pixels of width that was that was needed to make it comply to a 9 meter high screen and that offered optimum quality.

Avila wrote a script for batch to split the images and provide a dynamic visual environment. For this purpose he used Alpha Channels creating different graphics for the different elements of the spectacle mingled with the images live on the media server.

XL also provided the technological structure for the backstage and monitoring including LCDs and plasma 65-inch screens, so the presenters, artists and participants could follow the entire show.

XL Video Autosport International 2014

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