The visual solutions that have been required to make the recordings of the latest series of the program-contest of Endemol, Pointless, have been supplied by XL Video that has used the technologies of Barco and Panasonic.

XL Video Sets the Scene for Pointless

Pointless is a competition programme produced by Endemol UK for the BBC, presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Its broadcast began in 2009, today they carry 13 series and the format has been exported to other European countries. The goal of the game is for contestants not only to provide correct answers, but also to provide possible correct answers. The game features four teams, each consisting of two contestants. In each round, the team with the highest score is eliminated and the rest advances to the next round.

XL Video he has supplied the video solutions to make studio recordings of the 12th and 13th series of this popular Endemol television show, Pointless. Different video systems are required for their realization, which are key to the staging of the contest.

For the question screen, XL Video has supplied a high brightness projector Ship HD-20 powering 3.2 x 2.32 meter display. This high brightness unit, which provides 20,000 lumens, was selected to counteract ambient light on set. For the game tower were used 20 LED Barco NX6 tiles that were installed in a curved fascia, built in a steel tower. The NX6 was selected as an LED module as it allowed to create a curved surface without visible spaces.

XL Video has also provided several LCD screens Panasonic to the BBC's resources, which are used by presenters and contestants as video broadcast displays.

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By • 26 Aug, 2014
• Section: Study cases, Display, Production, Projection