DynamicX2Share is a remote-friendly, addressable, and remote-diagnostic motorized monitor that integrates an internal Full HD signal selection and distribution system.

Arthur Holm DynamicX2Share

During Integrated System Europe (IF) 2016, Arthur Holm It will present the DynamicX2Share, a motorized squat monitor that integrates an internal Full HD signal selection and distribution system. The meeting table becomes autonomous, without the need to use any external equipment to distribute, share and select information.

This Arthur Holm monitor requires no software installation, nor accurate equipment or external power supplies that is easy to install is controlled from the workstation.

With DynamicX2Share, monitors can be cascaded using an internal HDMI cable, so that each user can send an HDMI signal to other meeting participants, to a large center screen, or to a projector. Communication protocols for remote control of the monitor are embedded in the HDMI signal, so there is no need for additional wiring.

Versatility is another of its features, as any user can control their monitor and select whether to share the information with the other monitors in the loop. From any position you can share or view the information privately and there is the priority option for one of the positions.

Arthur Holm DynamicX2Share

By pressing the Share button, the selected signal is shared with the rest of the screens, while the View button allows the display of the local signal, without affecting the rest of the looped displays. The on-table cover has an HDMI retractable cable in which you can connect laptops, tablets, smartphones...

The monitor is quiet and fast, made of machined and anodized aluminum. As an option, you can integrate DynamicTalk, a lifting and retraction system for 'goose neck' microphones that incorporates a dynamic Led ring that changes color to indicate the different functionalities. In addition, it can integrate a Full HD camera, transforming into an audio and video conferencing station that can be hidden inside the furniture.

Inside the meeting table, the only wiring required is an HDMI monitor-to-monitor cable and each DynamicX2Share has 3 inputs.

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By • 20 Jan, 2016
• Section: AV Conferencing, Control, Display, Events, Telepresence / Videoconferencing