Specifications sound made by Brown Note in Dick's Sporting Goods Park provided the intimate atmosphere that was sought for the concert in which more than 80 SUBs were used, a mixture of J-SUBs and J-Infras mode cardioid front of the stage principal.

db audio Bassnectar

The most striking feature of the Bassnectar concert is to provide an immersive experience: the intimacy of a club but on a larger scale.

Este ambiente íntimo se consiguió en el estadio Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, situado cerca de Commerce City (Colorado) y en el que juega el equipo Colorado Rapids de la liga de fútbol norteamericana Major League Soccer (MLS). Y se consiguió gracias a la eficacia y la interpretación de la especificación del sonido de Bassnectar que hizo la empresa Brown Note Productions de Denver, cuando dimensionó el estadio.

db audio Bassnectar

“Para ser un estadio, mantiene cierta cercanía e intimidad y, cuando introdujimos los datos físicos, el mapeo de la cobertura no fue demasiado complicado. Desde el lugar donde estaba situado el escenario hay aproximadamente 110 metros hasta las gradas más alejadas. Con ArrayCalc de d&b fue muy fácil definir y garantizar una cobertura uniforme”, explica Ryan Knutson, presidente de Brown Note y director del proyecto de audio para este evento.

The original specification was performed with speakers d & b audiotechnik mainly Series J and V. "large arrays L / R J. Series were required design But when it might be too saw and remove a pair of side boxes. This point was important because we implemented ArrayProcessing (AP) to fulfill the desire of Bassnectar that in each seat an experience like being in the front row without, as he himself said, burst the ears of the public were alive, "says Knutson.

Bassnectar chose the D80 amplifiers due to the performance improvements they bring.
ArrayProcessing capacity to produce throughout the listening area even pressure level and tonality characteristic of d & b are well documented, but Knutson and systems technician Chris Chierello delved into his attention to the spread of bass.

db audio Bassnectar

"We had over 80 SUBs, a mixture of J-SUBs and J-Infras cardioid mode before the main stage. The settlement was about 37 meters which allowed us to control the horizontal dispersion to the range of 20 Hz. This was part of our approach to ensure that noise leakage to the surrounding suburbs is reduced, "continues Knutson.

"When we measure the levels at the edge of property beyond the stadium was exactly as had been predicted. The most important thing was that met all permit requirements for events at the venue. "

Use as many SUBs allowed to create a more uniform coverage and use sound pressure levels (SPL) lower in the listening area. For this reason, the arrangement of main SUBs and an additional delay arrangement with B22-SUBs, down in the midfield, just influenced the gain reduction.

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By • 2 Jun, 2017
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