This speaker has a 120 degree dispersion pattern, so it is an ideal choice for applications of sound direct to that require a broad and balanced coverage.


Harman Professional He has unveiled the line array speaker JBL Professional VTX A12W. A team that comes to expand the VTX A series with a horizontal coverage of 120 degrees.

This speaker allows the live sound professionals coverage balanced in any live sound application. Either together with the A12 VTX or autonomously in an own configuration, VTX A12W companies of professional sound, cinemas, places of worship and live concert halls provides greater flexibility to offer optimum performance and coverage.

JBL VTX A12"When we develop the VTX series, our goal was to create a system of line array that respond to the most important needs of professionals of the live sound in all sectors of our industry, from medium productions up to tours of" large and fixed installations of high level. VTX A12W extends the VTX A series commitment to providing greater versatility in applications that require a broad and balanced coverage", says George Georgallis, Solutions Manager, Tour Audio & Performing Arts, of Harman Professional Solutions.

VTX A12W of JBL Professional, brand that sells in Spain Earproboasts a 120 degree dispersion pattern, so it is a perfect choice for applications that require wide coverage. When used in the lower section of a line array in combination with the VTX A12, it provides a broader pattern that helps to balance the coverage in areas closer to the public.

Each internal component speaker leverages advances introduced in the VTX A12 in linear performance, high power and uniform coverage. And just like that, completely redesigned sections of low, medium and high frequency provides more power compared to the weight and an excellent extension at low frequencies, but with a 120 degree coverage coming at 250 Hz.

The new section of high frequency (HF) the VTX series is equipped with three compression drivers design that combine HF and waveguide phase checker, allowing you to achieve best tolerances and a greater sensitivity, while reducing distortion and the total weight.

By improving the RBI (Radiation Boundary Integrator) system, patented by JBL, housed in the speakers series combines four compression drivers means of 5.5 inches in high frequency waveguide and a disseminator of soft surface for the discharge section frequency.

Your subwoofer (LF) of neodymium 12″ has Differential Drive technology of fourth generation and a new dual magnet with dual coil design, introduced with the VTX A12, which improves the linear excursion, power and sensitivity.

The VTX series marks a breakthrough in the suspension and the transport of speakers. To facilitate a more rapid deployment, the elements of the array are stacked in four units for vertical transport in a position leaning 10 degrees.

A patented internal locking mechanism facilitates adjustment of the arrays from 0.25 to 10 degrees by means of a few bolts. Once suspended the system, mechanism automatically locks the angles of the box of the speaker into the selected positions.

Both the VTX A12 and the A12W have a new design of grille surround, which reduces the number of exposed components and protect the speaker against adverse weather conditions and the rigors of the road. The grid covering all the front panel allows you to achieve a higher rate of protection (IP55) and you can apply the color that best suits the fixed installation.

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By • 3 Jan, 2018
• Section: Audio