Quick and easy to assemble to act anywhere with JBL sound quality define the entire PA system in one, now available worldwide.

Harman JBL eon one pro EarproHarman Professional Solutions He has presented the system JBL Eon One Pro, the first PA line portable and rechargeable array that offers a standalone solution powered by lithium battery (with autonomy for six hours), that maintains patterns of coverage and a lightweight design, as well as Bluetooth audio and a seven-channel mixer.

Available worldwide and in the Iberian market through Earpro, it is the first compact PA system line-array fed by battery that combines sound quality and portability. The high frequency section and two Extender rods fit comfortably within the base unit, thus obtaining a functional set. Users can set up the system in a matter of seconds and choose the appropriate number of extender bars to optimize the sound depending on the application.

Two Extender rods provide a powerful live concerts to audiences, while a single spreader bar is best suited for conferences, gyms and medium sized groups. For small meetings and private events, the user can place the high frequency section directly on the base unit.

With a maximum SPL of 118 dB (from peak), Eon One Pro offers a strong sound, although detailed, and without distortion. The bass reflex 8 '' subwoofer provides bass response very defined, particularly suitable to reproduce recorded music and DJs. The high frequency section has the Directivity Control Geometry (patent pending) technology, which optimizes the separation and the angles of the six speakers of high frequency of 2 ", thus achieving a definite and clear sound with very broad coverage and uniform for the entire audience.

Harman JBL eon one pro EarproThe integrated seven-channel mixer, with high impedance and phantom power inputs, allows users to connect microphones, instruments, keyboards and other audio sources. The mixer includes controls bass, treble and reverb to optimize the sound.

The system has XLR connector, in parallel with the input, connect additional units to get a stronger sound reinforcement.

Able to receive audio via Bluetooth facilitates the reproduction of music recorded from mobile or tablet, and the unit has a USB connector to feed this type of device, with a built-in bracket. An optional accessory allows you to install a GoPro camera to record the show.

“Eon One Pro aprovecha el legado de más de setenta años de innovación acústica de JBL para establecer un nuevo referente en refuerzo sonoro portátil”, afirma Craig Lambrecht, retail & recording solutions en Harman Professional Solutions.

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By • 26 Apr, 2018
• Section: accessories, Audio