The speaker VTX A8 and the VTX B18 of JBL subwoofer are the new compact solutions for rental applications and fixed installations in small and medium-sized.

Harman JBL vtx-a8 earpro

Harman Professional Solutions He has presented the line array speaker 2 × 82 - model VTX - A8, and the subwoofer 1 × 18 "- VTX B18-, which integrate the known technology from the VTX series of JBL Professional for fixed installations of small and medium-sized solutions and rental applications compact sound reinforcement.

Speaker VTX A8 combines exclusive JBL transducers with a guide of high frequency waves to provide optimum performance and efficiency, with a wide horizontal coverage of 110 degrees. This system is complemented by VTX B18, a subwoofer light and compact, designed to extend the answer bass VTX systems full-range JBL below 30 Hz.

"We have created the VTX A8 speaker and the subwoofer B18 to the different needs of sound reinforcement of the production companies, rental companies, theatres and places of worship, as well as for anyone that needs front fills, side arrays and auxiliary equipment for" large systems VTX", says George Georgallis, director of solutions of Harman Professional Solutions Tour Audio and Performing Arts division.

Harman JBL vtx-a8 earpro

To design the VTX A8 speaker, JBL personalized last transducers and introduced improvements in the physical design to integrate more compression-ignition engines in a small and light box which, despite its compact size, maintains the high power and Sonic coherence of the VTX series.

Neodymium 8 "VTX A8 subwoofer (LF) is based on the Differential Drive's fourth generation of JBL technology; a configuration with two air gaps and two voice coils that improves power and sensitivity.

Media in the patented RBI (Radiation Boundary Integrator) engines have been integrated from manufacturer to achieve a smooth transition between each one of the bands and the maximum density of transducers.

VTX A8 includes in addition two compression drivers 2423K 2 "JBL (the same people who are model VTX A12, larger size), which combines the phase corrector and the Guide wave of line array in one piece, which allows to achieve greater precision and susceptibility (d) at the same time that reduces distortion and the total weight.

Harman JBL vtx-a8 earpro

With this speaker all seats are a point of listening: its set pattern of dispersion, of 110 degrees, reaches up to 350 Hz, making it ideal for installation in local small and medium-sized, front fills and other applications requiring a uniform and controlled a wide listening area coverage.

The design of three-way speaker uses a passive crossover filter, to attack both the sections of high and medium frequency with a single amplifier channel. The reduction in the number of amplifiers in the system implies that your design easier, weigh less and occupies less space transportation at a lower cost.

VTX A8 model VTX A12 shares its innovative mechanism of flying, the suspension system, lass dimensions adapted to the transport truck and Performance Manager software for quick and easy installation.

Harman jbl vtx-b18 earproEight optional accessories extend its capacity of Assembly, integration and installation. Thus, your location includes a base plate for mounting the A8 up subwoofers stacked on the floor, as the new B18, as well as a gag for truss and a minibastidor in a truss, ideal for trade shows or small productions.

VTX B18 is equipped with the new subwoofer 2288 of 18 "JBL, designed to provide a greater linearity and dynamic range. In addition, it uses the patented Differential Drive fourth-generation JBL to offer a higher SPL, less distortion and a very low power compression.

This subwoofer incorporates the port of low frequency SlipStream of double exponential diffuser, patented by JBL, to improve air flow and reduce audible turbulence, even at the maximum excursion.

Also shares the industrial design of the VTX A series of manufacturer products and has the same width and suspension than the VTX A8 model components, so it is possible to use two teams in various configurations of mounting flown or stacked above the soil.

VTX B18 or VTX A8, which both will be available in the Iberian market and in Andorra through Earprouse feature zinc and textured finish of the VTX series surround grille, which protects the components to the extreme conditions and gets a higher rate of protection (IP55). In addition, the color that best suits the fixture can be applied to grids.

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By • 26 Jun, 2018
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