Reactiv Stage interactive presentation system will be part of the latest generation of interactive whiteboards for Ricoh to improve collaboration in Business Conference, meeting and training rooms.

Vizetto Reage Stage

Market data, which estimate that there are about thirty million of business conference rooms in the world that have not yet adopted the technology display and interactive whiteboards, taking as a reference the multinationals Ricoh Y Vizetto they have announced the integration of the software of interactive presentation of the latter in the new interactive whiteboards in the first.

Vizetto Reactiv Stage represents the evolution of the presentation software, specifically targeted to these conference rooms and training environments. Thanks to this integration, the new generation of interactive whiteboards will provide more value in a solution all in one to accelerate its use in a relatively emerging market.

Ricoh D8600 and D7500 with Vizetto

Ricoh D8600 and D7500 with Vizetto

For Essa Qaqish, director of product management and marketing for Vizetto, "the decision of Ricoh's integration of international Reactiv Stage is a prominent landmark and an achievement for our company. We are excited that customers have access to a platform developed with innovative features that simplify and enhance your workflow, to save time, to make a presentation more powerful and direct in their interactive whiteboards" .

With the Reactiv Stage software, professional can open any file natively, with brands, annotations and ink documents, track and revisions of files management, manage additional screens and arrange and compare any type of document or file easily, among other possibilities.

"The integration of the Reactiv Stage in our interactive whiteboards ensures that we are offering a presentation of extremely powerful collaboration and collaboration for business and training solution," says Yoshinori Sakaue, head of the Group of Ricoh digital business. Ricoh selects Vizetto for international integration into your interactive whiteboard solutions

At the moment, the Ricoh D8600 and D7500 models in 86 and 75-inch sizes, respectively; resolution 4K UHD and ShadowSense Touch technology, are the systems that integrate this interactive presentation software.

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By • 20 Dec, 2018
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