The new unit Roland V-4EX updated standards V-4 Roland (4-channel mixer) incorporating inputs and outputs HDMI, USB streaming, HDCP, I multiviewer incorporated into a touch screen and audio embedding for HDMI outputs. Its innovative design incorporates a video mixer, audio embedding, preview monitor and ready for web-streaming into a single unit USB port.


For the first time in 2013 ISE (Booth # 7-H180) we see the next generation in the product line of video mixers Roland for live events; V-4 and V-8.

The new Roland V-4EX updated standards of the Roland V-4 (4-channel mixer) incorporating inputs and outputs in HDMI, USB streaming, support HDCP, multiviewer built-in touch screen and audio embedding for HDMI outputs. These features, are added to the primary functions that include effects (VJ) and a unique UI that has made the V-4 one of the best selling video switchers of all time.

The versatility of the V-4EX and its unique characteristics make it desirable for many applications, including clubs, concerts, events, meetings, trainings, weddings, education, churches and sporting events. The stylish and compact design of the V-4EX lends itself for portable applications as well as for permanent installations where size and space are to be considered.

In addition to a few powerful video effects, the user interface includes potentiometers to control the effect each bus as well as a master fader of fade to black or white.

Roland V-4EX

A true all-in-one

Its innovative design incorporates a mixer for video embedding, monitor audio pre-amp, USB port ready to make web-streaming in a single unit. Channels 1 to 3 offer channels of HDMI, composite (BNC) while the channel number 4 accepts HDMI, RGB/component, or s-video.

It includes an output climbing HDMI, RGB/component or SD composite as well as a HDMI output to a monitor's prior. The Roland V-4EX incorporates a stereo input on RCA allowing the incorporation of external audio (audio embedding) in an HDMI output and USB port, which is especially useful for recording and web-streaming applications. As USB Video/Audio device class, connection to a computer is as simple as connecting the cable, as you don't need any driver, allowing the use of webstreaming service. It is also possible to record the output of the mixer using free Roland Video capture software or other software for Windows, or Quicktime on Mac.

Roland V-4EXDesigned to be a switcher for live productions and webstreaming, the Roland V-4EX incorporates an audio mixer inputs HDMI, as well as the external input, including a delay of up to 4 frames for audio/video synchronization.

It also supports HDCP content, allowing mixed content protected by copyright such as game consoles and Blu-ray in a live production. The inputs HDMI 1 to 3 accept resolutions 480 p/576 p while the entrance 4 accept resolutions up to 1080 p and RGB up to WUXGA (1920 × 1200). In any case; the internal process is based on SD, but output can be climbed up to 1080 p or 1920 × 1200.

The Roland V-4EX will be the marking during the second quarter of 2013.

Roland V-4EX

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By • 22 Jan, 2013
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