During "the night more big of it music", as is known the celebration of them awards Grammy, organized by The Recording Academy, told in its 58th Edition with the sound of JBL, whose products marketed in Spain and Portugal Earpro.

Intel Lady Gaga Grammy 2016

Retransmitted live on HD and surround sound 5.1 on the television network CBS, the gala of the 58 th Edition of the Grammy Awards, organized by The Recording AcademyIt had an audience of more than 23.5 million viewers.

Presented by LL Cool J, it featured performances by some of the most important artists in the music industry, such as Adele, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Bonnie Raitt, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift, among others.

Grammy2016 JBL AwardsFor its part, Musicares non-profit organization, dedicated to providing medical assistance to musicians in need, granted the honorary title of 'Artist of the year' Lionel Richie, and as acting surprise, Lady Gaga paid a special tribute to David Bowie, who died earlier this year (details at) Digital AV Magazine).

As explains Mikael Stewart, Vice President of events special in ATK Audiotek, company responsible for sound to the event, "the PA system needed to offer a clear and intelligible, highest quality audio. The music is dynamic, but the spoken voice requires even more precision and clarity. Details can get to lose definition with a low-quality reproduction, so choose series JBL VTX".

Grammy2016 JBL AwardsThe system this year counted for the PA with two clusters of twelve systems JBL VTX V25 each, located on both sides of the stage. This master system was reinforced on each side by two clusters of sixteen VTX V20 speakers; two clusters of nine subwoofers S25 and three relay clusters of 8 VT20s each.

All this said that since each area armchair audience could understand what was said at the right time, regardless of their distance from the stage. The amplification was carried out by stages Crown i-Tech 4x3500HD and Crown MA12000i for subwoofers.

Andy Flint, director of marketing strategy and solutions, tour & cinema de Harman Professional SolutionsIt stresses that "it is always a joy when your products are included in a project of this caliber, but when it comes to the elite of the music industry and its most representative night, is an honor."

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By • 11 Mar, 2016
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