Philips Lighting Store Guide The application makes use of LED lighting installed in the store and mapping Aisle411 as positioning system so that customers can, through mobile phone, find the products they are seeking.

Philips Lighting Eindhoven and MediaMarkt

The MediaMarkt store located in the center of Eindhoven has implemented the app Store Guide of Philips Lighting so that your customers can locate products within the establishment, through their mobile phones.

The Store Guide application uses LED lighting and positioning system and thus mapping Aisle411 interior to guide and find what they are looking for. Each luminaire Led by Philips, installed the store, transmit its location via a modulation of the light it is imperceptible to the human eye but detectable by the camera smartphone buyer.

Philips Lighting Eindhoven and MediaMarktThis information works with the App Store to provide location-based services, such as finding products or services receive special offers. Privacy is guaranteed because no personal data is collected.

This app offers a new dimension to the shopping experience MediaMarkt, being compatible with its formula to bring the buyer experience to the next level both offline and online by redesigning the shop and turn it into an inspiring and fun.

Philips Lighting Eindhoven and MediaMarkt"Philips Lighting Research with Kantar / TNS reveal that locate products in a store is one of the main reasons for customers wishing to use this app. With innovative partners we have been able to realize this project bringing the buyer experience to the next level, "says Gerben van der Lugt, head of Indoor Positioning of Philips Lighting.

The application MediaMarkt Store Guide has been developed by the provider of e-business solutions Novomind; while the US company Aisle411 He has been responsible for digital mapping and routing. Pricer, A company of Electronic Shelf Labels in Sweden, has provided an innovative system for determining the locations of the products. The application runs in IOS and Android systems.

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By • 23 May, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Distribution signals, Lighting

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