Technology, design, art and Japanese traditions merge together in the installation ' Transitions by Panasonic Design', with which the company participates at the Milan design week and shows innovation in air conditioning and 4K projection technologies to commemorate their Centenary.

Panasonic Transitions Pinacoteca Brera

Under the slogan 'Welcome to our next 100 years of innovation', the Japanese company Panasonic ha ubicado su singular instalación Transitions, a dome of 20 meters in diameter in the form of a drop of water on a no less emblematic space of this Italian city: the Pinacoteca di Brera, in the Centre of Milan, the result of an agreement reached between Panasonic Design, division of business focused on design and innovation, and this institution, during the celebration of Milan Design Week 2018until April 22.

Panasonic Transitions Pinacoteca Brera

Transitions It is an immersive public installation (with the name of the dome as) Air Inventions)located in the courtyard of this art gallery and headquarters of the Academy of fine arts of Brera, complemented with panels of discussion on three principles and their impact on design: spaces for living, culture and community.

Panasonic Transitions

So said Shigeo Usui, director of the center of applications by Panasonic Design, the media invited to Milan: "the role of the design has changed dramatically. Our installation Air Inventions It arises from the commitment with a new philosophy focused on the value of the intangible experiences, and therefore this year we have opened our office in Kyoto, a city with many values of the Japanese tradition, to continue to innovate in these principles."

Panasonic Transitions Shigeo Usui

For his part, Laurent Abadie, CEO and President of Panasonic Europe, said that "more than a hundred years ago, the company develops technologies to improve the quality of life of the people, following the philosophy of its founder, Konosuke Matsushita; values that follow in this centennial celebration".

Panasonic Transitions Pinacoteca Brera

Multisensory experience

With a capacity for about thirty people and for six minutes, visitors will enjoy at the dome Air Inventions de “una experiencia multisensorial y orgánica, en un espacio de bienestar, limpio y bello, creado con tres tecnologías propias de Panasonic: Silky Fine Mist (micropartículas de gotas de agua con aire a gran presión); proyección láser 4K Solid Shine y lente de ojo de pez, y nanoe X (nanopartículas para purificación ionizante del aire)”, puntualiza Usui.

Panasonic Transitions Pinacoteca Brera

En concreto, dos proyectores láser 4K del modelo PT-RQ32K, con una luminosidad en el centro de 26.000 lúmenes cada uno; relación de contraste 20.000:1 y dotados con las nuevas lentes de ojo de pez ET-D3LEF70 del fabricante (más datos en digital AV) crean un entorno de proyección inmersivo y envolvente, con imágenes detalladas y realistas gracias a las tecnologías Quad Pixel Drive y Real Motion Processor, para que el público disfrute de una reproducción más nítida, natural y definida, con algoritmos para crear tres fotogramas adicionales por imagen (secuencias de 60 a 240fps).

Panasonic Transitions Pinacoteca Brera

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By • Apr 20, 2018
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